Optical Solution
If you can’t find the off-the-shell image lens to match your equipments, UNI Optics can provide optical design service for your optical system.

UNI Optics have senior engineers, who are professional in optical and opto-mechanical designs, and they also have rich experience in production, therefore, we can make sure the design could be carry out on production, meanwhile, we know how to help you saving more production cost.
Design Services 

Filter coating design
Close-up lenses design
IR Lenses design
Board Lens design
Endoscopes design
CCTV Lenses design
Machine Vision Lenses design
Riflescope design
Laser scanning lens design
Telecentric Lenses design
Fingerprint scanner design


If you have any questions about it, please let us know your applications, requirements and budget, we will offer you Innovative Optical Solutions.