Beamsplitter Penta Prisms

Beamsplitter Penta Prism by adding a wedge and with partial reflective coating on one of its leaning surfaces, Penta
Prism can be used as Beamsplitter. Transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 50/50, or others for Beamsplitter Penta Prism
is available upon request.



Material:  N-BK7 Grade A optical glass, Fused silica
Coating:  Optional
input and output sides (S1 & S2)  AR coated
Beamsplitter Ratio T/R:  20/80±5 or 50/50±5   
Reflectivity:   R>90%per face @630-680nm         

  Standard High Precision
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.2mm +/-0.1mm
90° Deviation Tolerance 3’ 3’’
Flatness λ/2 λ/4
Surface Quality 60-40 40-20

Typical Sizes: 
Part No. AxB(mm)      L1=L2(mm)
UPBA001    6.0x7.0      9.90
UPBA002    10.0x10.0     14.14
UPBA003    15.0x15.0     21.21
UPBA004    20.0x20.0     28.28
UPBA005    30.0x30.0     42.42