Beamsplitters Plate

Our beamsplitter plates can be used in high power laser system. When using beamsplitter plates, it is important to make
it in mind that the two partial beams travel in different optical paths. The optical paths depend on the incident angle and
the thickness of plates.
Material: N-BK7 Grade A Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Flatness: λ/4@633nm
Beam deviation: 3 arc min
Surface Quality:  60-40
Clear aperture:  >90%
Front surface (S1): Partial reflective coating
Back surface (S2):  AR coating
Bevel: Protective
Standard Coating:T/R=50/50±5%, for random polarization ; 

Narrow Band 488, 532, 632.8, 650, 808, 850, 980, 1064, 1310, 1550nm
Broadband 450-650, 650-900, 900-1200, 1200-1550, 1500-1610nm
Size (mm) 5x5x1 10x10x2 20x20x2 25.4x25.4x2
Φ12.7x2 Φ20x2 Φ25.4x2 Φ30x2

Note: Other sizes, split ratio and coating are available upon request.